June 15th Presentation to the Rocky Mountain Chapter SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals)

This month I get the great opportunity to present to the local Rocky Mountain chapter ologof SCIP. I am excited to share my experiences in high-tech including successes, fails and even yet to be solved challenges while managing competitive marketing for the silicon software leader, VMware, Inc.

I do not only plan to share my experiences, but rather share a practice in competitive marketing that has developed from both business necessity to learnings along the way from seasoned CI experts, including those from SCIP!

In the fast-paced nature of high-tech software, every day is a new day to learn along with new challenges to be solved. However, balancing resources with the needs of the business in a way that constantly proves value back to the business is at the center a successful competitive marketing practice.  During this session, I will also share my experience with both communicating to management, but also measuring the success of our effort towards the overall goals of my business

Meeting Title & Abstract:

Riding the Wave of a Disruptive Technology Innovator: Keeping Pace with Change through Progressive “World Class” Competitive Marketing

During the past 6 years, Silicon Valley pioneer, VMware has had to define itself from a market dominating technology disruptor in computer visualization to a highly competitive leader in cloud technologies. Hear Ben Scheerer’s story about building a CI practice from a small fledgling group to hyper growth as one of VMware’s largest contributors to its over $7B in annual revenue. He will share his successes and challenges along the way. Ben is generously hosting at his office.  This meeting is complimentary and open to all.

Thursday June 15, 2017

6pm-8pn MST

Genesee Labs Co-Working

25568 Genesee Trail Road

Golden, CO 80401