New Releases of VMware’s Cloud Management Solutions

Today, is the announcement of the general availability of new and enhanced releases of the industry-leading portfolio of cloud management solutions (read the press release). The products available today include VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.0, VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.8, and VMware IT Business Management Suite. It is very gratifying to be delivering to the market the products we originally unveiled at VMworld 2013 Europe in Barcelona in October (press release).

This GA marks a major milestone in VMware’s mission to help our customers on their journey to IT as a Service (ITaaS) and their adoption of the cloud. It covers the whole of our cloud management portfolio with critical new capabilities – a user friendly self-service portal for agile service delivery, management of physical storage devices as well as business critical applications providing health and performance visibility across the service stack, automated cost comparisons of infrastructure services across private and public clouds, just to name a few.

Designed specifically for dynamic virtualized and cloud environments, VMware’s management solutions simplify and automate how IT is managed across multiple clouds and platforms. The new enhancements and product to the VMware cloud management portfolio include:

  • VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.0 offers a self-service catalog for requesting and managing all types of IT services across multiple clouds and platforms including now VMware vCloud Hybrid Service and OpenStack to provide customers with on-demand access to any service and reducing time to value.
  • VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.8 extends visibility and insight into the performance of applications running on Microsoft Hyper-V and Amazon Web Services, improved performance analytics for a broad range of storage arrays, and enhanced support for business critical applications including Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • VMware IT Business Management Suite ITBM Suite 1.0 Standard Edition is the newest member of the VMware family of management products enabling infrastructure and business stakeholders to quickly understand the cost and consumption of their virtual infrastructure across private and public cloud environments. VMware IT Business Management Suite 8.0 Advanced and Enterprise editions introduce additional persona-based dashboards tailored to the CIO, CFO of IT, IT project managers and line-of-business owners.

As customers progress to ITaaS, we believe that CIOs and IT organizations must evolve from being just builders of IT services to both builders and brokers of services. This means making strategic decisions of where to source services – whether internally on a private cloud, externally from a cloud service provider or both via the hybrid cloud. With this GA, we are further delivering on the critical capabilities required of a service broker: on-demand access to any service, cost transparency, automated operations, and the ability to deliver and manage services on any cloud and any platform.


Expectations for VMware Partner Exchange (PEX)


Next week is the annual VMware Partner Exchange – PEX conference for VMware partners in Las Vegas (Mandalay Bay).  This is VMware’s premier partner event where partners come to learn what’s new with VMware, also to enable partners to be better equipped to position and sell/implement VMware solutions.  Not to mention that this conference also gives partners access to VMware SMEs and executives!


First, I must plug my own sessions!  I will be presenting in 3 sessions:

1)    CI1523 – Winning Against Microsoft System Center

2)    MGT1238 – Selling vCenter Operations Management in Competitive Environments

3)    MGT1369 – Understanding the vCenter Operations Management Technical Differentiators in Competitive Environments


I am looking forward to meeting with the many values VMware partners as well as all my friends I’ve made within the industry over the years (you know who you are!).  Also, to hear the stories from our partners on how their VMware partnership has (and will) drive more value for them and their customers.


Apart from the sessions, I will be meeting with partners and spending time on the expo floor working the VMware booth.

As for the social aspect – I will certainly be attending the “VMware PEX 2013 Unofficial Official Community Tweetup sponsored by HP Storage and Veeam” as well as enjoying Third Eye Blind on the party night.


For those who will be attending, please be sure to stop by my sessions, the booth, the tweetup – or simply send me a tweet @benscheerer.




This Week, Destination Indy

The Indy VMUG Conference this upcoming Thursday (July 26) may be the last VMUG Conference in NA until September, but is certainly one of the best attended (in upwards 900 attendees) and most highly regarded!  I am happy to have been chosen to present at Breakout Block #4 (2:45-3:30 PM) “Redefining the Standard for Operations Management with vCenter Operations” and due to scheduling conflicts from the original presenter, I am picking up “VMware Policy & Compliance” Breakout Block #3 (1:45 – 2:30PM). Image

My path to Indy this week is via Palo Alto where, amongst other things, making my monthly pilgrimage to the VMware mother ship.  As things appear to be slowing down for the summer (e.g. the last big VMUG in Indy until Fall), they are only heating up in preparation for VMworld San Francisco in August.  I am happy to be both a session reviewer (for 4 sessions) and presenter of VMware vCenter Operations Customers Come Forward to “Tell Their Story”(CIM1775).  It is also exciting to see the momentum when going into VMworld, especially seeing the session attendance tick upwards since schedule builder went live last week.

Lastly, as we move closer to VMware’s premiere event (attendance expected to exceed 20,000), I think a lot about competition.  The hypervisor wars have been heating up, and the pressure is from the obvious companies.  But as the press, pundits and competition appear to be teaming up against VMware, I found a lot of insightful and impartial coverage surrounding the recent CEO announcement, especially this article from Silicon Angle “Industry Analysts Got It Wrong on VMware CEO Transition From Paul Maritz to Pat Gelsinger”.  I especially like to sum-up this blog with this quote from the article

“Analyst got it wrong mainly because they were looking in the wrong places for where the market is going.”

See you in Indy!

My Twitter Account was Hacked! “Hey. some person is posting bad stuff about you here :/ http://xxxx”

Most of my Twitter followers have noticed (as well as contacted me) that my account was compromised over the weekend.  First of all, my apologies to those who went through the same thing I did, and kudos to those who quickly identified the fraudulent activity.

I received a direct tweet with the text: “Hey. some person is posting bad stuff about you here :/ http://xxxx” from somebody I would not have suspected to have been caught up in this too.

First of all I was duped – throughout my experience with phishing and scams I am both angry at myself and embarrassed at the same time.  But I must admit that this phishing scheme caught me just at the right time.  I had just posted a number of videos to the VMware YouTube channel on the day before, which typically gets a decent amount of traffic, so I only believed that somebody – perhaps even a competitor, was slinging mud!  With that thought in my mind I quickly accessed the link from the fraudulent tweet on my iPhone, not even looking at, or verifying the actual URL.  When prompted to enter my username and password, I was not even phased because many times to access Twitter information outside of the twitter iPhone client you are redirected to a browser requiring you to log into your account.  BUT, I immediately knew I was in trouble when I was led to a cryptic landing page – then the mayhem ensued!  My account sent direct tweets to a large number of my 400+ followers with the same “Hey. some person is posting bad stuff about you here :/” message and causing a slew of direct tweet responses, emails and phone calls.

This resulted, luckily, in my direct tweet capability (from my account) being revoked – I am not sure if it is even restored, and I also found that the fraudulent url link was taken down.  I am happy that Twitter tracked and dealt with this swiftly, but I am still angry at the time wasted in cleaning up this mess – also considering the potential long-term fallout and trust from my followers.

For those who were affected in any way from this incident, again – my apologies.  Now it’s time to move forward again!