What I Plan to Get Out of the Global Data & Blockchain Summits this Fall

logoFor those who may not be aware, there are two premier “inaugural” events occurring in Golden, Colorado this October.  First, The Global Data Summit is focused on data management in the modern world of big data and big data analytics. Global Data Summit boasts an impressive list of speakers and sponsors (VMware, my employer, being one of them!) all in an intimate forum where the experts are not only approachable, but will be actively collaborating with the other experts and attendees alike.

My Game PlanGameplan

I plan to tap into the treasure trove of expertise, not only to get a level set of data modeling techniques and theories, but also understand what the future has in store with regards to big data, AI, and cloud platform data mining – just to name a few.  I also see this as a great real-world experience for the aspiring data scientist – a high growth (and in-demand) career opportunity, in fact Glassdoor lists over 24,000 jobs with Data Scientist in the title and over 113,000 with Data Modeler!

The Blockchain SummitUnknown

The second event is the Global Blockchain Summit, the first of its kind gathering of professionals and enthusiasts sharing expertise and ideas on this breakthrough trend.  Blockchain is not only the backbone for crypto currency, but is quickly gaining popularity in verticals like healthcare and even in supply chain management across multiple verticals.  This is the opportunity to both get your feet wet, or sink your teeth further into the technology that is taking the market by storm!

Who’s In?

First of all, if it’s not obvious, I will be attending both events in beautiful Golden Colorado, did I mention that the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) is on the adjoiningGABF weekend?  The Global Data Summit will be on October 2-3, with Global Blockchain Summit following, October 4-5, 2017.

Here’s what’s in it for you, as a corporate sponsor I can offer a 35% discount for either, or both summits combined!  Just register using these links:



Also, if you need to buy tickets to the sold out GABF give me a shout (@benscheerer), we may have a few extras!