Cloud Automation ROI – The business impact of accelerating IT service delivery

Improved operational efficiency is certainly a compelling motivation for deploying a dynamic on-demand private cloud infrastructure.

In fact, the automated service delivery capabilities of VMware’s cloud automation software have improved VMware customer’s operational efficiency by an average of 80% or more by utilizing resources on more strategic initiatives.  However, if you were to ask our customers with a year or more of deployment experience what their biggest benefit was, the response would likely be improved service delivery times that enable greater productivity or allow the business to address new opportunities quicker than the competition.

Getting compute resources into the hands of business enables companies to access new business opportunities.  For companies who rely on IT systems to differentiate their business, VMware’s cloud automation software allows companies to dramatically shorten the delivery time of initial provisioning and ongoing changes from days to hours and minutes.

Our latest blog post (Cloud Automation ROI – The business impact of accelerating  IT service delivery ) highlights how VMware’s cloud automation software can help your company improve business productivity, enable new business opportunity and help you keep up with the accelerating pace of business.Image

Need help deploying your private cloud infrastructure or developing your Cloud Automation business justification? Contact us and our experts can help your team build the business case and the solution that will maximize your IT productivity.



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