VMworld Public Voting is OPEN! -and is in its last week!

I am so excited to see another VMworld right around the corner, and I had my thoughts about my 2013 session submission soon after my sessions in 2012.  This year I decided to take a more pragmatic approach to understanding what differentiates VMware’s management solutions from others on the market.

We often get question like:

Such ‘n such product tells me that my environment needs to be right-sized, vC Ops tells me something different

or even

“The vCenter numbers and vC Ops numbers differ, why? Who do I believe?”

These are great questions and that is why we decided to go to the lab and put this to the test, essentially to help explain why the results are what they are.  So we are hell-bent to set the record straight.  Here are some examples:

Rightsizing messageAre 3rd party automated actions really in the best interest of performance?  Or do they conflict with native schedulers? Maybe even the vSphere platform??


What is the vC Ops Health Model? How come vC Ops has different metrics, such as “Demand”, than in other tools (even vCenter itself)demand



Please vote for session 5412 by signing-in and voting here.

Thank you, and I looking forward to seeing you at VMworld 2013!!



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