2011: VMware a Winner

As I reflect on my first 6 months at VMware (and all of 2011) I see a bright future at a company that really “gets it”. A few of my observations as we enter into the new-year:

1) Management is at the forefront of VMware’s strategy: This is no surprise, as VMware customers matured with the technology so has their needs to push the envelope even further. I see VMware in-step with customer needs, in fact VMware took a fresh approach at performance management within the past year by building both a team (culminated from experience across the software management giants) and technology unique to advancing the cloud and end-user computing. By the way, VMware has been the management business from practically the beginning – DRS, vMotion, SRM, just to throw a few out there! There’s a lot to cover on this topic as well as a lot coming in 2012 that will continue to define, shape and deliver on the VMware vision.

2) The analyst’s see and get the VMware management strategy. The Virtualization Practice named VMware as a Winner in 2011: “VMware [a winner] – for combining resource utilization based performance management and capacity management with configuration management, and bubbling all of the metrics up into Health, Efficiency, and Risk scores with self-learning analytics in vCenter Operations.”  IDC ranked VMware #1 in the Cloud and Virtualization Management (June 2011, IDC #228817) markets (by revenue).

3) Lots of expertise under one roof. When I was at CA a few years back, it was no surprise to us that VMware would venture into the management realm, in fact we anticipated it – but we always defended our position as a management business with 30+ years experience where VMware was an inexperienced management newcomer. Two years later I joined the VMware Management business unit all staffed by the leading talent from HP, IBM, BMC, Quest and CA (and more) – not to mention the legacy that these individuals brought with them. Collectively we’ve been able to draw from our experiences, learn from our respective company’s past mistakes and start with a clean slate – best of all with a highly innovative and creative culture to back us up!

I am soooo looking forward to what is in store for next year. I’ve set goals to meet with as many customers as possible, attend and present where people are willing to listen and continue writing on the challenges of managing the new “converged” infrastructure. I am proud to be working for a true innovator, whose culture includes the best and brightest in our industry – which is further exemplified by a tradition of software that is iron clad and rock solid “it simply works!”

Signing off for 2011 – the future is bright for 2012!  Everyone have a safe, healthy and prosperous new year!

Ben – bscheerer@vmware.com


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