A Fresh Approach

It’s been nearly 3 months since I started with VMware.  I came over as a nearly 15-year veteran in the enterprise management software space – the past 6 focused on virtualization and cloud.  I’ve seen the transformation of the dynamic data center – and while working in the management space, helped a traditional vendor adapt and “message” to that change.  But the reality is, traditional IT management is encumbered by legacy approaches to management, models based and siloed approaches only further demonstrate the fact that the thinking behind traditional IT management does not flow into the dynamic virtualized and cloud environment.

One of the reasons I came over to VMware was that VMware, a pioneer in virtualization an cloud, had an opportunity to take a fresh approach to management without the legacy investment in outdated technology to hold it back.  I saw that in order to really keep pace with the highly virtualized and cloud environments, behavioral analytics was the answer.  Truly understanding the behavior, unique to your environment, over the course of days, weeks, months, or years sets the standard for identifying real root cause to issues with an innate understanding to all variants in your specific environment.

Effective management goes beyond “monitoring” individual metrics.  Monitoring popular metrics in vSphere such as percent ready and the balloon driver only lead to partial conclusions – VMware analytics and “super metrics” encompass a holistic understanding of thousands of metrics boiled up to key representation of health, risk and efficiency…

Gone are the days where VI admins rely on simple metrics and loose correlation and static rules to assist in managing limited and defined use cases.  Comprehensive, and proven analytics (not to mention tight integration with vSphere) is not only key, but also necessary in moving forward with any cloud journey.  Stay tuned on more insight and thoughts behind virtualization and cloud – I’m back!



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