Working Without Power – Literally

36 hours ago gale force winds blew relentlessly through my West Michigan neighborhood, taking with it trees, power lines, debris, and not to mention my woodpecker scare ball that I just put up last weekend (those darn woodpeckers have shown no mercy on our house!).  As a result we are without power and to make matters worse we are on a well, so we are also without running water . ‘

A few things I have found to be very beneficial during this outage that came  from my 7+ years of being a work-from-home in the high-tech industry.  I have learned to be very adaptable and prepared to work from any location (including my 30’ travel trailer).  Many tech gadgets have assisted me in this experience – and have paid themselves!

  • Honda Generator: model 2000i extremely quiet and runs for 10+ hours on a single tank of gas.  I am running my refrigerators (2), TV (of course), Laptops and gadgets.  This is so much better than my neighbors loud and annoying generator (although he is able to patch into his home power and get water from his well)…
  • Verizon WiFi: I must admit that even though I use AT&T 3G on my iPhone and iPad, Verizon 3G service, in my experience) has had better availability and reliability over AT&T
  • Apple iPad: GREAT tool for both the LONG battery life and the numerous apps – The iPad helped with up to date school closing info even white noise to drown-out the annoying generator noise next door (there’s an app for that!)

I just got word that power should be restored by 11PM this evening – I hope that is true!  But nonetheless my years of a remote worker (both in my house and on the road in my RV), has prepared me for such events, with minimal disruptions (oh, expect for time spent chainsawing the down trees in my front yard)


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